We are the go-to personal counselors for leaders and those interested in them who want to sharpen their public image to general audiences on a national scale. Our team leverages experience from a variety of industries, including politics and humanitarian causes, higher education, entertainment, and more.

Our Team

Johnny Moore

Johnnie Moore

Founder & CEO

From one of the world’s largest universities to Hollywood’s most prolific television producer to America’s largest churches to multiple presidential candidates to an “under the radar” board of the world’s most successful Christian businessmen and a multi-billion-dollar financial services firm, Johnnie Moore has been America’s go-to advisor when the highest level of success intersects with faith. He works on behalf of the faith community and on behalf of those interested in it.

Johnnie Moore founded The KAIROS Company after running public and media relations across multiple sectors including higher education, entertainment, business, and politics. He has worked with every major print, digital and broadcast outlet in North America.

He began his career at the 100,000-student Liberty University where he served as the school’s Senior Vice President for Communications during the time when Liberty University added more than 75,000 students to its annual enrollment and added more than $1.2B to its endowment and cash reserves. He was responsible for a truly remarkable amount of national media coverage as well as a comprehensive rebranding of Liberty University in the more secularly-minded press.

After a dozen years at Liberty University, Moore was personally recruited by Emmy award winning producer Mark Burnett (Survivor, Shark Tank, The Voice, Celebrity Apprentice, Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader, The Bible, A.D. The Bible Continues, Son of God) to serve as Chief of Staff and Vice President of Faith Content for his United Artists Media Group (an MGM company). He was given the responsibility to service all of Mark Burnett’s – and his producing partner/wife Roma Downey’s – interaction with the faith community from advising on script content to supervising all faith marketing and public relations initiatives for all faith and family properties.

Moore has the advantage of being both a highly skilled communications executive and a media personality himself and that experience uniquely prepares him to serve as a spokesperson and to meet the needs and preferences of his particularly high-profile clients.

PR News has named him one of America’s top young P.R. executives, Christianity Today deemed him a “who’s next” leader & the Washington Post profiled his work in a major, front page feature. He has appeared on dozens of leading television, radio, print and online outlets to provide expert analysis and commentary on various topics. He has also done so as the official spokesperson for a number of organizations on a number of issues. He is also a widely read opinion columnist whose work has appeared in The Washington Post, Fox News, Relevant Magazine and CNN. He serves on the boards of World Help, the National Association of Evangelicals, The Dream Center LA, The Influence Lab, and the World Evangelical Alliance.

As a public figure, Moore is primarily known as a humanitarian who has been called one of the “world’s most influential young leaders” and “a modern day Dietrich Bonheoffer” as a result of his extensive work in the Middle East. The Vicar of Baghdad named him “one of America’s foremost spokespersons for international religious freedom.”

Rick Nash

Rick Nash

Chief Operating Officer

Rick has been the trusted confidant of some of the world’s greatest leaders and achievers. He is a honors graduate of Harvard University who has

  • Managed the international media ministries and church operations for two megachurches.
  • Led the marketing, PR, and communications for an iconic national brand.
  • Managed a marketing budget in excess of $10 million annually.
  • Produced an international television broadcast.
  • Engineered five New York Times bestselling books.
  • Served as Chief Communication officer for Promote A Book, the most successful book promotion company in the world.
  • Received national recognition for building a “marketing empire.”

Rick’s great strength is to identify, focus, and strengthen the organization or thought leader’s core, compelling message and expand it through media, marketing, events, PR, books, and products. His strength is spearheading new initiatives, cultivating strategic relationships, and handling time-sensitive, critical, complex, and confidential challenges.

As an Acquisition Editor Thomas Nelson Publishers and Director of Product Development for Strang Communications, he helped bring to market two New York Times bestselling books, numerous CBA #1 books, and The Guardian System, which won the prestigious Gold Medallion Award.

Branching into the multifaceted world of media, he held key leadership positions in several world-renowned organizations, producing international weekly television programs, breaking records in fundraising and event sales, developing products, and administering large organizations. Along the way, he helped launch three more National Bestsellers. Outside Magazine described his efforts in one start-up organization, Maximized Living, as a “marketing empire.”

Rick was the Chief Communication Officer for Get Motivated Seminars, a $200 million company which produced the largest live business events in the world, filling up NBA- and NHL-sized arenas across North America. Crowds were drawn to hear speakers like Colin Powell, Laura Bush, Rudy Giuliani, Mikhail Gorbachev, Benjamin Netanyahu, Steve Forbes, Suze Orman, Michael Phelps, and Terry Bradshaw. Former Presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush all appeared on the Get Motivated stage.

At Get Motivated Seminars, Rick was responsible for marketing and brand management, speaker selection and relations, business development, partner relationships, media production, product development, legal, and compliance.

As Interim President and then Chief Communication Officer of Promote A Book, Rick helped thought leaders make a name, make a difference, and make a fortune through bestselling books. Promote A Book has put 88 straight books on The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestseller lists for a who’s who of business, philanthropy, ministry, and public service—names like John Maxwell, Gary Keller, Daniel Amen, and Peter Diamandis.

He lives in Orlando with his wife Dee.

Melody Matzdorff

Melody Matzdorff

Executive Associate to the CEO &
Director of Special Projects

Melody Matzdorff graduated from Liberty University in 2012 with a degree in Human Resource Management. She immediately began to work as the Executive Assistant to the Senior Vice President of Communications and Spiritual Development, working not only with Public Relations for the university, but also in the programming and scheduling of the University’s Convocation — the largest weekly Christian gathering of Christian college students.

After three years at Liberty, and attaining her Masters in Business Administration, she joined the team as the Executive Associate to the President and Director of Special Projects of the KAIROS Company.

Originally from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Melody now lives with her husband by the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Jonathan Williams

Jonathan Williams

Content Advisor &
Spanish Language Specialist

Born in Guatemala, bred in Honduras, educated in Virginia: Jonny is a communicator, learner, and lover of good stories and warm humor. His upbringing in Latin America cemented in him a deep value for relationships and his education instilled a passion for exploring foreign cultures and studying theology and literature. Professionally, Jonny holds a degree in public relations and advertising, but his work experience ranges from event planning, to marketing, and publishing.

After interning with the Passion movement in Atlanta and working at Liberty University’s missions department, Jonny has now joined The Kairos Company team as a content advisor and Spanish language specialist.

Jonny lives in hilly central Virginia with his wife Vaughn, who is studying medicine at LUCOM.

Daniel Lidwin

Daniel Lidwin

Senior Research Associate

Born and raised in New England, Dan holds a degree in Political Science from Liberty University where he graduated in 2010.  Since then, Dan has lived in four states along the East Coast and has now spent over two years of his life living outside the United States.

As a project leader for Adventures In Missions, Dan has partnered with countless non-profits and humanitarian organizations and led teams upwards of 50 people in Central America, South America, The Caribbean, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, East Africa, Southern Africa, North Africa, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia.  He has now traveled to 47 nations in some of the poorest and most destitute of places around the globe.  In fact, just this past year Dan himself survived Dengue Fever.  And his journey has only just begun.  He has counseled hundreds of youth and adults as they navigate the waters of life in community in a foreign country.   His passion throughout all of this has been teaching through experience and leadership development, as well as raising awareness of those in need outside our comfort zones.

Just this past year with the Kairos Company, Dan has already traveled to seven countries, many of them in dangerous locations throughout West Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.  In each of these locations he has conducted research related to religious violence and has personally recorded the stories of survivors of terrorist attacks and genocide, victims of prison abuse, and those living with the constant threat of government oppression.

When he is not sleeping on a plane soaring over the Atlantic Ocean, he resides in the beautiful foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Gainesville, GA.