We put our expertise to work, elevating reputations and growing circles of influence for everyone from individuals in the public spotlight to global brands in need of strategic counsel.

What We Do

Branding isn't just about how you perceive your organization's mission, but about how others perceive it. We help organizations assess their brand equity and leverage strategic opportunities to strengthen your brand and correct erroneous brand perceptions.

Media Relations involves specialized relationships, extensive experience and a breadth of knowledge. Some organizations prefer to fully outsource their media relations to us, and others require retained expertise to launch a new product or campaign. We help organizations get more exposure and we work very hard to ensure they get none of it. In all cases, we make sure we're managing the media, and that the media isn't managing you.

Media Training prepares you for the questions you know are coming whether you want them to or not. We assess your media vulnerabilities and prepare you for the perfunctory and the inevitable "gotcha." Our job is to make sure you're never surprised and always prepared.

Crisis Management plans are best formulated when they are least needed, but sometimes an organization doesn't have the luxury of planning ahead. When your world falls apart we are here for you helping you navigate varying degrees of complexity within and outside of your organization.

Marketing requires understanding your product and your market, and we help you do both while customizing a team and strategy to best leverage your budgeted resources for maximum results.

Fundraising is never easy, but it is impossible if you don’t clearly articulate your cause and organize the right constituents around achieving your goals. We're here to help you see it all with sharper vision and execute your best strategy to raise the money you need to fulfill your mission.

Relationships are our highest priority and our greatest value. We pride ourselves in connecting our friends and our clients with others whose passions intersect with their own. We believe in bringing people together for mutual good and shared progress. We know people - lots of people - and we want to connect you with them.

Consultation is thinking. It's thinking differently about old problems. Consultation is impossible for us if we don’t get deep inside your organization. So - on occasion - a university, politician, studio, business, church or non-profit hires us to provide a deeper level of advice and guidance over an extended period of time. When they do, we’re all in to help you achieve your mutually agreed-upon objectives.

While no one can see the future as clearly as the present, strategy seeks to illuminate and make possible desired outcomes. We can help you identify your best strategies and then help you make those strategies take on substance to produce your desired objectives.

When you need a website or collateral to get your message across, Kairos connects you to experts in the industry who can deliver exactly what you need to make an impact.