Biography | Faith and Education Coalition

The NHCLC invites Evangelicals to join together and form a coalition to improve the American public education system, which educates more than 90% of U.S. students. Our efforts would be uniquely Christian, as we approach our advocacy and action from a perspective of Biblical justice and educational equality.

Evangelicals have never before fully aligned in support of public education equity and quality. There ispowerful potential for this organization to influence public opinion and local action, helping to ensure that foundational Christian principles are honored as we support academic excellence for all students. Media interest will be significant and will grow as a variety of national-recognized voices join the coalition.

This coalition will not be a short-term initiative, but rather a long-term commitment to providing each generation access to consistently high quality educational opportunity in the United States. We believe literate students who are able to think critically and solve problems will become the backbone of not only a strong democratic society but also of a biblically-literate and justice-minded Church.