Biography | Dr. Morris Cerullo

Dr. Morris Cerullo

A Man of Vision


Dr. Morris Cerullo, President of World Evangelism, Inc., is respected and revered by millions around the world. He has sacrificially dedicated his life to helping hurting people and to taking the Good News of salvation to the nations for over 68 years.

Born a poor Jewish boy, he was raised in an Orthodox Jewish orphanage. He received a divine, supernatural call to preach when he was only 15 years old. He then graduated from a New England Bible college. He has received honorary doctorates of Divinity and Humanities from Oral Roberts University and Florida Beacon College, respectively.

As a worldwide evangelist and a father of the faith to many of today’s renowned spiritual leaders, Morris’s life has been an inspiration to many. Affectionately known as ‘Papa, he is also a prophetic voice who has personally trained more than 5 million Christian leaders, otherwise known as Nationals, around the world to reach their own countries for Jesus Christ.

In 1962, Morris Cerullo received divine instructions from God: “Son, build Me an army.” God revealed to him that the spiritual key to building His army would be to train lay people—doctors, lawyers, ditch diggers, plumbers, farmers, ranchers, carpenters, housewives, sailors, factory workers, household servants—everyone is a potential minister.

This God-given vision of reaching multiplied millions for the Gospel is now being fulfilled through the building of a worldwide, state-of-the-art, training center. The Morris Cerullo Legacy International Center in San Diego, California, will offer ministerial training for ordination, individual course training, as well as Bible prophecy and Hebrew studies.

Dr. Cerullo has authored more than 200 classic Christian books, unique study Bibles, and devotionals. Over the years, he has produced an abundance of teaching and training materials on audio and DVD. His cutting-edge television program, Victory Today, is seen worldwide.

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